All of the Pearls From the Octopus’ Garden

Clothes make the man but accessories are what make Drunken Sailors happy! The Merry Crew has unearthed the most glorious booty buried on lost isles and hidden in sunken wrecks. Our treasure trove is filled to the rafters and constantly growing. Purses, lacy bits, pasties, socks, corsets, are all stocked and waiting to make you the dandiest sailor. Have I mentioned our hats to keep the sea salt off your locks? We have all sorts of toppers including bowlers and top hats. Our jewelry selection makes pirates faint. We can bedeck almost every part of your body.

Be sure to check out the Captain’s pride; more amazing shoes than an octopus could horde. We can shod every sailor – man, woman and child! Currently we do not sell our clothes online (we are in progress), however you can buy Gift Cards or Bad Ass Baby Baskets online.